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Avalon Athletic Recruiting for Prospective Student Athletes (PSAs)

Avalon Athletic Recruiting for Prospective Student Athlete

Athletic recruiting for college is a highly competitive, highly complicated path to an athletic scholarship or to the admissions boost that being a Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) can provide. For most people who were not PSA’s themselves, it is not a well-known process, and it can be a minefield of missteps along the way. Parents and players spend an incredible amount of time and money developing their talents; making sure that investment pays off in the end is the most important part of the process. For some, the journey ends upon high school graduation. For others, it can be a great benefit when seeking that high level college admission, securing the advantage of having a team to join when you arrive on campus, or exploring the possibility of furthering your sports aspirations professionally after college.

Avalon’s Athletic Recruiting process lays out the timeline and process for getting on a coach’s radar and having that effort lead to one of the very coveted "recruited athlete" spots that are a near lock on college admissions at the school of your choice. For some, it is like an additional boost in GPA or SAT scores. For others, it is literally a ticket to admission.

After spending so much time, money, sweat, and tears developing your athletic ability and profile, you still must know how to present yourself so that you will not be overlooked, or dismissed, for making the wrong approach. College coaches like to maintain control over their environments and their processes. For example, there is a preferred way to send the introductory letter, and a proper way to indicate your interest and ability to contribute to the program without overdoing it. Too much brass band, bravado, or parental involvement can turn off the very coach you are trying to impress. Yet, too little contact can keep you from even being noticed in the first place. As with so many processes, you must find the “Goldilocks Zone” where your efforts will be effective and appreciated, rather than dismissed or resented.

Parents and players must also learn which clubs, travel teams, and leagues are respected and highly scouted, and which tournaments or showcases can result in recruiting offers. And equally important is understanding when and how all appropriate steps for PSA’s should be taken. After all, what could be worse that missing out on one of the most important opportunities of your life, all because the recruiting spots are gone by the time you begin the process? Don’t risk losing the advantage that your proven athletic ability can provide.

Avalon Athletic Recruiting for PSA’s provides expert guidance starting as early as middle school and continuing all the way through high school. We provide not only a proven process, but guidance and mentorship from knowledgeable and respected former players, coaches, athletic directors, and scouts who have lived the process and advised many other student athletes just like you. The Avalon Athletes Recruiting Team of advisors helps you present the best possible version of you—not only as an athlete, but as a student, person, and highly valued member of the college community.