The Avalon Hub Resource Center contains valuable resources to assist families with the private school and college admission process. Helping students choose appropriate activities to advance their narrative and nurture their passion is one of the service we provide in our counseling packages. Many other excellent programs are available. Contact us for more information.

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Art Internships and Programs

Astronomy Internships and Programs

Biology Internships and Programs

Business Internships and Programs

Community Service

Computer Science Internships and Programs

Economics Internships and Programs

Engineering Internships and Programs

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Legal Studies Summer Programs

Middle School Summer Programs

Music Internships and Programs


Physics Internships and Programs

Pre-College Experience Summer Programs

Pre-College Interships and Summer Programs

Pre-College Programs (Multi-Subject)

Robotics Internships and Programs

STEM Programs

Scholarships and Prestigious Awards

Science and Technology Internships and Programs

Testing Organizations' Websites

Writing Programs and Other Opportunities

How Can Internships Help College Admissions?

Participating in the internships and other educational programs listed above can greatly enhance a student's college admission efforts. Not only do these experiences provide valuable skills and knowledge, but they also demonstrate a student's passion and dedication to their chosen field. Admissions officers are always looking for well-rounded students who have taken the initiative to seek out opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom. By participating in these educational opportunities, students can gain hands-on experience, make valuable connections, and build a strong portfolio that showcases their abilities and achievements. These experiences can set a student apart from their peers and increase their chances of being admitted to their dream college or university.

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Outside of helping students learn more about different education programs, Avalon Admission also provides assistance in identifying the right college for your child. Take advantage of our College Admission academia counseling for mentorship and advice on getting into the college of your choice! If you’re just entering the research process and aren’t sure which colleges to apply to, we also offer many College List resources so you can narrow down which ones may be top contenders.

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If students are interested in a more personalized approach to academic counseling, Avalon Admission offers free consultations and workshops! Other programs are available as well from our organization, including assistance in applying for Ivy League institutions, getting into private schools, and identifying the right academic field. Advice and resources on taking the ACT and SAT are perfect for getting your college applications in order.

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