Avalon Insights: Carnegie Mellon University

CMU is a mid-sized city campus recently enhanced by new buildings including the Tepper Quad and the TCS Hall. The Tepper Quad is interesting because it is the home to the CMU business program and literally and figuratively connects to the other seven colleges on the university campus, thus making a statement about dedication to its highly ranked business. TCS hall is the new home of the graduate level computer science program and designed to facilitate collaboration between the university and business. The area in and around CMU is generally considered to be safe. Architecture on campus is eclectic, ranging from modern steel and glass to classical. CMU has a strong Greek culture with around 20% of students participating. Most CMU parties are held at the fraternities or sororities.

Carnegie Mellon Culture

CMU is a place where you will work hard and be surrounded by are students who are driven by a strong academic orientation and desire for success. Yet, the atmosphere is one of student collaboration rather than competition. Students are friendly and highly motivated, single-mindedly focused on their work. Many students openly consider themselves to be geeks or nerds. If you are looking for more than just a rigorous academic experience, there are plenty of clubs to get involved with—if you have the time. The city of Pittsburgh is a 20-minute bus ride away, and transportation is both plentiful and affordable.

Carnegie Mellon Reputation

First and foremost, CMU is a known for its world-class business, computer science, engineering, drama, architecture, and music programs. As if that weren’t enough, it also is extremely strong in the sciences, and where science and technology interact, such as biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. If you tell someone you attend CMU, they will automatically assume you are intelligent and hard working. You will be well respected by those in academia and businesses alike. Career prospects for CMU graduates are excellent. School spirit here is moderate, likely because its sports teams do not play a major role on campus.

Carnegie Mellon Stats

College Type: University

Selectivity: 15% Acceptance

Undergrad Size: 7000

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Setting: City

Undergrad Tuition and Fees: $59,000

Financial Aid: Generous Need-Based and Merit-Based Scholarships

Best Programs: Engineering, Computer Science, and Business