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General Information about Applying to Private Schools

Application deadlines for most private schools are January 15 and Feb 1. Most decisions come out on March 10. The key to a successful private school experience is identifying schools that fit your interests, values, goals, and expectations. Many private schools have vast resources and myriad traditions that create a strong sense of community and belonging. They also offer smaller and higher-level classes. These factors are common differentiators between public and private schools. Additionally, guidance counselors at most private schools have smaller caseloads, and more time to advise each student on school and college issues.

Applying to private school can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If you have already decided to apply, calling Avalon Admission can ensure that your journey is seamless and that your effort is rewarded. Avalon Admission provides families with concierge-level service across every aspect of the private school admission process, including choosing the right schools, writing parent and student essays, and preparing for visits and interviews.

With so much riding on so few considerations, decisions often come down to subtle reference points and nuance. This is where Avalon Admission can help. By working with Avalon, you can ensure that your child has a greater chance of admission into a top private school. In most cases, all activities associated with the private school applications must be completed by the application deadline. These include school tours, tests, interviews, essays, personal statements, and recommendations. Avalon Admission helps families sort through each school’s requirements and keeps you on track for timely and effective submission of all applications.

Families who apply to several private schools may be required to submit applications through Gateway, Ravenna, and Standard Application Online (SAO). In addition, some schools use their own applications. Each application requires multiple essays, in many cases from both parents and students. Avalon helps both students and parents with essays, personal interviews, visits, recommendations, test preparation, and everything else associated with private school applications.