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Does Your Child Qualify For The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth?

How proud of your child would you be if she qualified for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) program? How proud would she be of herself if she were part of this highly-regarded program? How impressed would colleges and/or private schools be, knowing that she is a gifted and talented student? The fact is that the Johns Hopkins CTY program is one of the most prestigious programs that students can attend. Being accepted into the CTY program is both extremely possible and extremely helpful. As experts in the field, NCGE has been helping students get into the Johns Hopkins program for years, and we have seen the tremendous boost it has made in students lives, personally, emotionally, and also in the private school and college admission process.

First of all, being identified as academically gifted can improve a student’s self-esteem. Second, there is evidence to suggest that students who are identified as academically advanced have stronger family relationships. Further, when matched with other advanced students, academically gifted students start a long pathway of taking rigorous courses that are both personally rewarding and that provide excellent data for college and private school applications. Simply being among other extremely intelligent students has its own rewards. Often, gifted and talented students feel as if they’re being held back as their classes rightfully focus on the needs of all students, not just advanced students.

On applications for colleges and private schools, students are always asked about their extracurricular activities. Being able to indicate that they are part of the Johns Hopkins CTY program will definitely get the attention of admissions officials. Also, the Johns Hopkins program offers outstanding summer courses and the opportunity to take courses online. These boost a student profile on admission forms, making students far more attractive to private schools and colleges. Furthermore, for gifted and talented students there is nothing more rewarding than taking classes that are above their grade level. This could make a major positive difference in their lives. There are so many reasons to be part of the Johns Hopkins CTY program— far too many to list in this article.

The truth is that far too few families know about the Johns Hopkins CTY program, or simply feel that their child has no chance of getting in. However, there is no reason not to try. The application fee is relatively small and scholarships and financial aid are available for families who cannot afford it. Of course, if you want to prepare for the tests, there is the added expense of tutoring to consider. Typically, tutoring with NCGE consists of approximately 36 hours. This number can be more or less depending on the starting level of the student. Since acceptance is based largely on your test results, having a great tutor can increase your odds of acceptance.

The exams used by CTY are SCAT, SAT, and ACT. While many families are familiar with SAT and ACT, they are likely to be less familiar with the SCAT exam. SCAT stands for School and College Ability Test. It consists of analogies on the verbal side and quantitative comparisons on the math side. Both of these types of questions are highly strategic requiring fundamental and advanced strategies to master. If you choose to take the SAT or ACT (which are only available in the upper grades for CTY), preparation definitely carries over to the real SAT and ACT students will take as part of the college admission process.

Once you are part of the CTY program, you can take summer programs on the Johns Hopkins campus and you can also take online programs throughout the year. Not only does NCGE help with the tests, it also helps with the entire admission process into CTY, as well as admission to private schools and colleges.