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Will You Get into Harvard?

How About Cornell, CMU, Rice, WashU St. Louis, UCLA, USC or Wake Forest?

Here are three representative student case studies and predictions using data from the amazing program

Student One:

Adrianne is an Asian female who attends one of the most competitive private schools in America. Both of her parents attended college. She hopes to study Computer Science. Roughly 2/3 of her classes are either honors or AP level. Her converted GPA on the 4-point scale is 3.628. She is in the top 10% of his class. She is considered by her teachers to be a good student and hard worker, always getting assignments done on time and being a regular participant in class discussions. For activities, she has played both piano and violin for more than eight years and plays in the school orchestra. She started a computer club and has been the president for the past two years. She won a presidential award for community by contributing more than 100 hours of her time over his first three years in high school. Her summers have mostly been spent studying for tests and sailing, a hobby she has enjoyed since she was five years old. She has taken five AP exams and received scores of 5 on all of them. Her SAT superscore is a 1510.


Student Two:

Carla is a Hispanic female who attends a highly rated public high school in California. Neither of her parents attended college. She hopes to study sociology with an emphasis on Hispanic culture. More than 75% of her classes were either honors or AP level. On the four-point scale, her GPA is a 3.83. She is in the top 10% of her class. She is extremely active in theatre and student government, where she reached the rank of class president in 11th grade. Recently, she wrote her own musical including script, lyrics, and choreography and it was performed at a local community theatre. She is considered by his teachers to be a diligent student, excellent role model, and one of the most talented students in this year’s class. For activities, she has performed in several school plays and musicals, plays on varsity tennis and swimming, and has a significant record of community service. In 10th grade, she found an internship at a local advertising agency. Also in tenth grade, she formed her own online import-export company. Over the past three summers, she has contributed to family income by working as a receptionist at a natural food restaurant. Her highest composite ACT score is a 34.


Student Three:

David is a Caucasian male student who attends a large, highly regarded large public high school in Highland Park, Illinois. His GPA is a 4.1 on a four-point scale (his school awards 4.3 for A+). Whenever available, he has taken either honors- or AP-level classes. His highest composite ACT score is a 35. Both of his parents attended college and earned master’s degrees. He has written articles for his school newspaper since ninth grade, and in 12th grade will become the Editor in Chief. He also plays varsity tennis and is currently ranked 3rd in the state of Illinois. His hobbies include chess, writing, and reading. He is president of the Future Doctor’s Club, contributes to the community through community service on a regular basis, and recently won a national award for one of his articles. He is extremely well liked and well respected by his teachers and peers. There is every expectation that his recommendations will be extraordinarily strong, indicating that he is one of the best students that they have ever worked with. In college he hopes to study Biomedical Engineering


Look for the Avalon Admission College Success Calculator for the Top 100 Colleges in America to be released later this summer.